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I Love You to God and Back March 26, 2012

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This book was written by Amanda Lamb and was given to me for free by Booksneeze, in exchange for this honest review.I love you to God and back illustrates the significance of Bedtime prayer not only for children but parents too. It allows parent and child to reconnect after the events of the day. It is usually emphasised by clergy and other men/women of God that we begin the day with prayer but it is such a wonderful way to end the day. A family that prays together stays together. The trend of “family altars” came and left parents not individually praying with children. That was not done in our family (but my mother did try!!).

Chloe’s prayers mostly with her mother are simple and honest unlike the scripted prayer we hear in churches and learn to say as we get older. I like how she thanks God everyday for things we take for granted yet bring us so much joy like flowers, animals, sunshine, time spent with grandparents, etc. We all need to pause, and take time to enjoy precious moments that feed our souls and let our Father in heaven know that we are grateful.

I related with the story because my sister and I prayed at the end of the day with my parents, me in bed whilst they knelt beside me. My mother has always encouraged us to write down our prayer requests so that we could tick them when God answered… and He did!! It elevated our assurance that the Almighty God up in heaven heard us everytime we spoke to Him. And the written prayer journal reminded us to give thanks.

Even though six year old Chloe is young and am sure adorable, since this book is written by her loving mother, she is “over-glorified”. Hence, at times Chloe comes across as superficial. The book is a little too mushy-mashy for me but a good read nevertheless. When God blesses me with a quiver full, I will definately follow Amanda Lamb’s example and pray with each of them as parents give their children a spiritual foundation.


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